You might find that your strike-off request has been blocked if you have made the decision to strike your company off by submitting the DS01 form to Companies House. This is usually because you have outstanding creditors who are set to lose the money that they are owed from your company if your company is struck off and taken off the register. It could be a supplier chasing an unpaid invoice or HRMC looking to gather unpaid tax. Companies have two months to oppose your strike-off, following your initial application. Your company will remain active if Companies House verifies these objections, and your strike-off will of course be suspended. 

Your 4 options

1. Submit your application again

You can hope that it’s the second time lucky for you and your application. There is the possibility that your application could squeeze through this time around but it won’t necessarily be that easy. After all, your creditors could be aware of your intention to strike off your company and they will be ready to launch opposition to this. 

2. Pay off your creditor

If a small outstanding debt is the main stumbling block, you could simply pay off that debt. There is no reason for your company strike-off to be rejected if you have paid back everything that you owe. 

3. Show caution with multiple creditors

You cannot simply go ahead with option 2 if you have multiple creditors to who you owe money. If you can pay all of them off then fair enough, however, you should not attempt to pay some of them off without paying others off as well. This can look like you are prioritising creditors and this is seen as a wrongful form of trading. 

4. Enter a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL)

A CVL will allow an insolvency practitioner to manage the affairs of your company before closing it down. Assets within the company will be liquidated and ratioed out to outstanding creditors in a fair manner. Outstanding debts on top of that will be written off during the process. 

A licensed insolvency practitioner is needed to make sure that the company is closed down in a correct and proper way. You do not have to worry about liquidation after petitioning for your company to be reinstated. Instead, you can be clear that the company has been shut down formerly and you can move forward. 

Business leaders will need to know how to react if their strike-off is denied.

Business leaders will need to know how to react if their strike-off is denied.