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Rent Arrears

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What are Rent Arrears?

If you have failed to pay your rent payments and a balance is owed to your landlord, this is known as rent arrears. Rent is a priority bill that needs to be paid, so being behind on these payments could cause you serious consequences and you may get evicted. In this situation, you need to act quickly rather than ignoring the problem and hoping it will go away.

First, you should contact your landlord. They are likely to be more understanding if you show them that you are trying your hardest to resolve the problem.

As with all debts, it’s important that you work out a realistic budget that you can stick to. It’s also important that when making an agreement with your landlord, you don’t try and pay back more than you can actually afford. It will work out better in the long run if you pay back the arrear in smaller installments over time.

If you’re struggling with your rent due to low income or you’re already on benefits, then you might be entitled to extra support through housing benefit. It’s also possible to get this backdated for up to six months if you qualify for the benefit and have a good reason for not applying earlier, so it is definitely worth looking into.

Worried about your Rent Arrears?

If you are worried about how you are going to repay your Rent Arrears, we’re here to help you! There are many people who will find themselves in a financial struggle after falling behind on their rent. Here at Business Helpline,  we can discuss all of your options and help you plan for a better future.
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Can universal credit pay my rent arrears?

This depends on the council, but mostly, they won’t let you apply if you still have arrears on a previous property. However, in many other situations dealing rent arrears from another property can be viewed as non-priority as you cannot be evicted for this reason, even if it’s the same landlord. The only exception to this is if court action has been taken against you for the balance owed.

Will the council house me with arrears?

There are a number of possible ways that a person could claim redundancy pay. These include:

▪️ The director having a contract of employment

▪️ The director’s company being insolvent 

▪️ The employee working 16 or more weekly hours for the company

▪️  If the previous role of the recipient was more than non-executive

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Did you know?

Are you eligible to claim Director Redundancy?

As a Limited Company Director you may be entitled to claim Director Redundancy – Average UK claim is £9,000*.

Rent Arrears FAQs

How do I make a priority payment?

Rent is considered to be a priority payment. You need to pay your rent in order to live, or work, in some form of accommodation (unless you own a house outright).

You could be at risk of eviction if you fall behind on your rent.

Try to:

▪️ ensure that rent is paid on time

▪️ come to a payment plan with the people you owe money to

We can help you to sort out a budget so please do get in touch!

Can I get Universal Credit to help me with rent if I am working?

You will usually be able to acquire universal credit if you are of working age and have low income.

Universal credit includes a housing feature that can help with rent.

You can ask the DWP to pay your housing element straight to your landlord if you owe up to 2 months rent or have another specific situation that needs addressing.

What is a discretionary housing payment?

A DHP is an additional payment from your local council, designed to help you to pay your full rent if you are on universal credit or housing benefit.

How should I deal with my rent arrears?

Try to solve any nagging issues with your landlord or housing agent. If you can convince them with a plan to make repayments, they might even let you stay in the property.

Do not ignore letters from your landlord or your agent. Tackle these problems head on and try your best to explain why payments have not been paid.

What should my budget look like?

Your budget should illustrate that:

▪️ you have enough money to cover essential spending

▪️ you have leftover money to pay arrears in installments

Some costs can vary over the year, making estimations difficult. A monthly estimate of £15 on clothing might be an underestimation on some months and an overestimation on others.

A clear and concise budget can help you to make repayments to your landlord or letting agent.

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