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Loneliness has a significant impact on many of us and is increasingly affecting more and more people within today’s society.

The pandemic has played a huge part in the increase in loneliness over the past few years, with people unable to go out and see their friends, family or support networks. Another factor that is having a detrimental impact on the loneliness epidemic is the cost-of-living crisis. This crisis is isolating people from their community due to the cost associated with going out and socialising.

When you are struggling with finances or debt the feeling of stress and anxiousness can be overwhelming. Most social events cost money and travel costs are increasing, this can be highly frustrating to those who are already struggling to reach out to others and could isolate them further. The combination of debt and poor mental health may push people to ‘debt suicide’.  The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute’s research suggests that 13% of people in debt consider taking their own life each year, with a quarter of all suicide attempts in 2017 involving a person who has debts.

Difficulty with running a business due to this crisis may also cause loneliness, with directors feeling overworked, underpaid, and unable to reach out for help due to the stigma attached to it. If you are struggling with debt within your business, it is crucial you seek support from a professional to help you ascertain if the business is viable and if there is a way to improve the situation.

At business helpline we offer a free no-obligation consultation regarding your business, meaning there is never the worry of getting into further financial difficulties.  Our experts will help guide you through the best way to act and help support you through the entirety of the process if you decide that closing the business is the best action to take. We may also be able to help you claim back director redundancy pay, which averages at £9000 in the UK, if you are eligible.

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If you feel you are struggling from loneliness, we recommend you seek professional help and support. Linked underneath are a few resources which may help you:

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