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Federation of Small Businesses

Business Helpline, the recovery, restructure and recovery experts, have launched a new podcast episode with the Federation of Small Businesses.

The podcast aims to provide valuable insights and advice to businesses and entrepreneurs, covering a wide range of topics related to business management, growth, and survival.

Federation of Small Businesses. How Businesses can navigate an economic crisis

Interview with Paul Foster from Federation of Small Businesses

In the latest episode of Behind the Business, Business Helpline’s CEO Azhar Ahmed interviews Paul Foster, an advisor at the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

The episode focuses on navigating an economic crisis, the lack of financial education in schools, and what businesses can do to combat the energy crisis.
Paul shares some of his personal experiences working with small businesses, and offers practical tips and strategies for businesses to succeed in challenging times.

Paul also discusses some of the resources available to businesses through the Federation of Small Businesses, such as training courses, Human Resources, and legal advice.

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Navigating an Economic Crisis

One of the key topics discussed in the episode is how businesses can navigate an economic crisis.

Paul Foster highlights some of the challenges that businesses face during tough economic times, such as reduced consumer spending, increased competition, and cash flow problems.

He also provides some strategies and tips for businesses to weather the storm, such as diversifying their products or services, cutting unnecessary costs, and seeking professional advice.

Paul points out that although an economic crisis can be challenging for businesses, it can also be an opportunity for growth and innovation. He cites examples of successful businesses and industries that are bucking the trend in Lancashire.

The Lack of Financial Education in Schools

Azhar highlights the lack of financial education in the school system.

Foster notes that many entrepreneurs and small business owners lack basic financial knowledge, which can lead to poor decision-making and financial problems down the line.

He suggests that businesses should take it upon themselves to educate themselves on financial matters, and seek advice from experts when necessary.

Azhar also highlights the need for schools to provide better financial education to students. He feels many young people leave school without knowing how to manage their finances, which can lead to the cycle of debt and other financial problems later in life.

If you are worried about your business, we’re here to help you! Call our team today on 0800 088 2142.

Combatting the Energy Crisis

Finally, the episode touches on the energy crisis and its impact on businesses. Paul notes that energy costs can be a significant expense for businesses and that reducing energy usage can lead to significant cost savings.

He suggests that businesses should look into energy-saving measures, such as installing energy-efficient lighting or machinery, and adopting sustainable business practices.


The latest episode of Behind the Business provides valuable insights and advice for businesses and entrepreneurs.

By tackling topics such as navigating an economic crisis, financial education, and the energy crisis, the podcast offers practical tips and strategies for businesses to succeed in an ever-changing business landscape.

To listen to the full episode and learn more about Business Helpline’s services, visit the podcast page or search for “Behind the Business” on your favorite podcast app.

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