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Civil National Business Centre

Civil National Business Centre


The Civil National Business Centre (CNBC) is a key institution for managing civil claims and disputes in England and Wales.

It aims to streamline case processing, ensuring efficiency and consistency within the civil justice system.

If you have received correspondence from CNBC, it’s important to understand its functions and how to respond effectively.

What is the Civil National Business Centre?

The CNBC is responsible for processing various civil claims, ranging from small claims to complex commercial disputes.

It utilises an electronic filing system to facilitate efficient case management and ensures judgments are enforced promptly.

Functions of CNBC

The CNBC handles a wide array of civil cases, including debt recovery, contract disputes, and property conflicts.

Its electronic filing system improves accessibility and reduces paperwork, making it easier for individuals and businesses to manage their legal matters.

Additionally, the CNBC plays a crucial role in enforcing court judgments, helping claimants secure the payments or actions ordered by the court.

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    County Court Judgments (CCJs) Issued by CNBC

    A significant function of the CNBC is issuing County Court Judgments (CCJs).

    These judgments are typically issued when a claimant successfully proves that a debt is owed, and the debtor fails to respond or settle the debt. Here’s what you need to know about CCJs:

    • Receiving a CCJ: If you receive a CCJ from the CNBC, it means a court has formally recognized that you owe money to a claimant.
    • Responding to a CCJ: It is vital to respond promptly to a CCJ to avoid further legal action, which can include enforcement measures like bailiffs.
    • Settling a CCJ: Paying off the debt within a month can prevent the CCJ from being recorded on your credit file. If paid later, it will be marked as “satisfied,” but it will still impact your credit score.

    Steps to Take if Contacted by CNBC

    1. Understand the Nature of the Claim: Carefully read the documentation to understand the details of the claim or judgment against you.
    2. Seek Legal Advice: Consulting a solicitor or legal advisor is crucial to explore your options and understand your rights.
    3. Prepare Your Response: Whether you agree with the claim or wish to contest it, timely and accurate communication with the CNBC is essential.
    4. Consider Mediation: In some cases, mediation can be a viable alternative to resolve disputes without prolonged litigation.
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    Common Claims Handled by CNBC

    • Debt Recovery: Claims related to unpaid debts, often leading to CCJs.
    • Contract Disputes: Issues arising from breached agreements.
    • Property Disputes: Conflicts between landlords and tenants or other property-related issues

    Contact Information


    Civil National Business Centre, 4th Floor, St Katharine’s House, 21-27 St Katharine’s Street, Northampton, NN1 2LH

    Phone Number: 0300 123 1056

    Website: Civil National Business Centre

    Email Addresses:


    Understanding the role and processes of the Civil National Business Centre is crucial for effectively managing civil claims and protecting your legal interests.

    Promptly addressing any correspondence from CNBC, seeking legal advice, and preparing a thorough response can help you navigate the complexities of civil litigation. For more detailed guidance and support, contact Business Helpline.

    By following these guidelines, individuals and businesses can better handle civil disputes and ensure that their legal rights are upheld.

    I’ve been contacted by County Court Business Centre, what do I do?

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