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CAPO Clothing

As a business owner or entrepreneur, it’s always inspiring to hear the stories of those who have achieved success in their own ventures.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the fifth episode of our podcast, Behind the Business, where we interview some of the most successful entrepreneurs and business owners to get insights into what it takes to start and grow a business.

In this episode, we sit down with Adam, one of the founders of CAPO Clothing Company, to learn about his journey from starting with just £1500 to building a thriving business that turns over 6 million pounds per year.

Adam shares his experience of identifying a gap in the market, creating a unique brand identity, and all the struggles he’s faced on the way.

Luca Bish, Firminio and Barry Ferguson

But that’s not all – CAPO’s clothes have been worn by celebrities such as Luca Bish, Barry Ferguson of Rangers and Liverpool footballer Firminio.

We’ll find out the true story behind the business.

Adam tells us some incredible stories and highlights the huge impact they had on the brand. He reveals how it catapulted CAPO Clothing and saved the business from closing.

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CAPO Clothing Struggles

We also discuss some of the challenges that Adam faced along the way, such as dealing with competition and overcoming self-doubt.

From faulty clothes, business debts, to nearly giving it all up Adam talks about how they overcame the obstacles that fell in their way.

Adam’s story serves as an inspiration to anyone who is looking to start a business or grow an existing one.

Behind the Business

In the previous episodes, we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing successful entrepreneurs from various industries, including hospitality, insurance, and services.

In this episode, we continue the trend of showcasing diverse perspectives from the business world and discover what life is really like Behind the Business.

Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation. Tune in to Behind the Business and hear from Adam himself about the strategies and tactics that he used to build CAPO clothing brand from scratch.

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