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Behind The Business Podcast by Business Helpline

Behind the Business is a  podcast for Business owners, discovering the trials and tribulations of life Behind the Business. Hosted by the charasmatic Azhar Ahmed from Business Helpline.

We interview successful business leaders and discover the ups, downs and true struggles involved in running a business. Behind the Business episodes are released every 2 weeks with plenty of exciting new guests each time.

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Andy Brown  29:27

As the owner of the multi million pound turnover, award winning, leisure facility Crow Wood, straight talking Andrew Brown is no stranger to the highs and lows of business.

Over the years he has built the business from scratch and faced many challenges along the way.

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Glenn Stock 33:29

From a window cleaning round to a highly successful and growing cleaning enterprise, Glenn is no stranger to hard work.

He talks to Business Helpline about the growth of his business Unique Clean and the many obstacles he’s faced along the journey.

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Stuart Applegate 37:23

We ask Stuart about Insurance for business, the impact of Covid on Businesses and how businesses can protect themselves going forward with insurance. We also find out what motivates him and how he’s altered the way Margins Insurance operates to stimulate huge business growth.

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Paul Foster 38:59

Business Helpline interviews Paul Foster from the Federation of Small Businesses to discuss the current state of the economy and how businesses can navigate the recent energy price increases.

Tune in to the latest episode here.

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Adam Morning 39:29

Business Helpline interviews Adam Morning from the CAPO Clothing to discover how the company has grown from £1500 to £6 Million business.

Tune in to the latest episode here.

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Behind the Business by Business helpline

The Behind the Business Podcast is brought to you by Business Helpline.

We offer 24 hour confidential advice and support for struggling company directors. Our trained experts are always on hand to help.

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