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Behind the Business Podcast launch

Business Helpline have launched their brand new Behind the Business podcast, aimed at business owners. We interview successful business leaders, discovering the trials and tribulations of life Behind the Business.

The show is hosted by the charismatic Azhar Ahmed of Business Helpline. He interviews new guests every two weeks revealing the real struggles in the life of a business owner.

The Behind the Business podcast highlights the fact that running a business isn’t all smooth sailing. There are many ups, downs, stresses and strains business owners go through on the road to success.

Business Helpline recognise there are massive pressures on business owners in the current economic climate. The pandemic, inflation and cost of living crisis have hit businesses hard.  Behind the Business has been produced to help business owners realise they are not on their own.

Launching Behind The Business Podcast

In the very first episode of the Behind the Business podcast Azhar talks to Andrew Brown, 63-year-old, award winning Managing Director of Crow Wood hotel, spa, and resort.

Business Helpline discusses the growth of Crow Wood Leisure, the future of the business and the real life struggles Andrew Brown has been through to get business to where it is today.

Andrew gives an honest and straight talking interview. He tells us what he would have done differently on his journey, how he navigated the £1.7 million loss the business faced during the pandemic and the multi-million pound expansion plans for the future.

The future of Behind the Business podcast

Business Helpline have lots more exciting interviews lined up well into the new year. If you’re interested in appearing on the Behind the Business podcast you can email us at The podcast is available on all popular podcast players and on YouTube too. You can find all the links at

Behind the Business Podcast

Business Helpline

With the huge pressures business owners are facing and the situation due to get worse Business Helpline are providing free advice and support for struggling business owners. Our expert advisors are on hand to assist you. If you want to book a free business assessment you can do so from the form here or call us on our free phone number 0800 088 2142.

With 2023 just around the corner, an assessment may be just what your business needs. This could be the perfect time for your business to face the new year with a new start.

Also, If you want to become a partner of Business Helpline you can find all the information you need and apply on our partners page here.

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