Bailiff and Debt Collector Guide

1st Locate UK

247 Money t/a Bowdon McKenzie

4Point Financial Services

A P Credit Services

Abbott Debt Recovery

Aberdeen Financial

Aberdein Considine

Able Debt Recovery

Abrahams Dresden

Acklam Bond Noor Solicitors

ACT Credit Management



Addleshaw Goddard

Addlestone Keane

Adept Credit Solutions

Advanced Investigation Services

Advantis Credit

Agency Management

Agent Field Force

Agilisys Contact Services

AJJB Associates

Akinika Debt

Aktiv Kapital

Albion Collections

Alex M Adamson

Alexander James

All Pay

Allied International Credit

Allsquare Legal

Alpha Debt Recovery

Amaryllis Associates

Anderson Strachan

Andrew J Fenny & Co

Andrew Kingston & Co

Anglia Credit Management

Antony Clapp Solicitors

Apex Credit Management

Aplins Solicitors

Aqua Collections

ARC (Europe)

ARC Legal Assistance

Ardent Credit Services

Arrow Global

Arscotts Solicitors

Ascent Performance Group

Ashburn Financial Services

Ashton Scott Recoveries

Ashworth Law LDP

Aspire Corporate Solutions

Asset Link Capital

BackHouse Solicitors

Baker Tilly

Balbec Capital LP

Band & Hatton Solicitors

Banner Jones Solicitors


Barker & Lowe Legal Recoveries

Bell Lamb & Joynson (BLJ)

Bermans Solicitors

Berry & Partners

BFL Solutions

Bill Holohan Solicitors

Birkett Long


Black Horse Finance

Blacks Solicitors

Blackstones Debt Recovery

Blackthorne Utilities

BLS Collections

Bluestone Credit Management

Bowden McKenzie

BPE Solicitors

BPO Collections

Brachers Solicitors

Brecon Debt Recovery

Bristow and Sutor

Brookes Bates Partnership

Brooklyn Law

Brunswick Collection Services

Buchanan Clark & Wells (BCW)

Burlington Group

BW Legal


Cabot Financial

Calder Financial

Camelot Credit Solutions


Carter Backer Winter (CBW)

Carter Forbes Collections

Caversham Solicitors

CBS Debt Collection

CCI Credit Management

CCS Collect

Central Debt Collection

Cerberus Receivables Management

Certus Solicitors

Chadwick Lawrence

Chafes Solicitors

Chelmer Collections

Churchill Recovery Solutions

Circuit Financial Services

CL Finance

Clarke Willmott

CMG Cunningham Dickey Solicitors

CN Gaunt & Son

Cobra Debt Recovery Service

Code Red Collection Services

Cohen Cramer

Colemans CTTS 

Collect Direct


Coltman Warner Cranston

Comerton and Hill

Compass Resolution

Conexus Recovery & Field Services

Connaught Collections

Constantine & Co



Countrywide Collections

County Court Business Centre

Courtlink UK

Creation Financial Services

Credit G

Credit Limits International

Crystal Collections

Crystal Finance

Curtis Whiteford Crocker

Daniels Silverman

Darcey Quigley & Co

Davis Coleman

Dawson Hart Solicitors

Dean Wilson Solicitors

Debt Managers

Debt Recovery Plus

Direct Route


DLC Debt Collectors

Drydensfairfax Solicitors

Dutton Gregory


EOS Solutions


Experto Credite


Face to Face Debt Collection

Fairhalsen Collections

Fairmile Partnership

FBC Manby Bowdler

FC Collections

FCA Automotive Collections

FD Debt Enforcement

Federal Management

Fenton Cooper



Financial Recovery Services

First Choice Credit

First Legal Services (UK)

Funding Circle

Flint Bishop


Frontier Debt Collections

First Revenue Assurance

General Capital PL

Global Debt Management Services

Geoffrey Leaver Solicitors

Gladstones Solicitors

Global 4 Communications

Global Debt Recovery


Goodwins Credit Management

Gordons Knight

Graham White Solicitors

Grant Thornton

Grays Solicitors

Greenhalgh Kerr

Guardian Recovery

Hamptons Legal

Hambury Tilmond

Harlands Services

Harmer Collection Services

Harrison Clark


Hastings Direct

Hatwel Services


Hewitts Solicitors

Hilton Baird

Hoist Finance

Horwich Farrelly Solicitors

Hunter Tracing Services UK

HFC Bank Ltd

Howard Cohen and Co

I H J Collection

Icon Debt Collection

Idem Capital Securities

Indigo Michael

Irwin Mitchell Solicitors

Jacksons Credit Recovery Services

Jacobs Bailiffs

JB Debt Recovery

JB Leitch Solicitors

JCA Associates

JCP Solicitors

JJ Collect

Juliet Bellis

K2 Collections

Kerseys Solicitors

Knipe Woodhouse Solicitors

Kuits Solicitors

Lawton Hathaway

LBHF Joint Ventures

LCS Civil Enforcement

Lending Stream LLC

Lester Aldridge

Link Financial

Litigation Services

Lloyds TSB

Lovetts Solicitors

LPL Commercial Services

Lucas Credit Services

Mackenzie Hall

Marks and Spencer Money

Marston Debt Collection

Martin Lee & Co

Max Recovery

McClure Naismith Solicitors

MDB Mercantile Data Bureau

Medina Credit Management

Mellicks Solicitors

Mercantile Recovery Services

Merit Force Collections

Merligen Investments

Merrils Ede Solicitors

MI Banks Solicitors

Mil Collections

Millfield Business Services

Moorcroft Debt Recovery

Moreton Smith

Morgan Solicitors

Moriarty Law

Morrisons Solicitors

Mortimer Clarke Solicitors

Mutual Loans


Past Due Credit Solutions

RBS Credit Card

Red Castle Recoveries

Reliable Collections


Santander Cards

SRJ Debt Recovery

Star Legal

Tesco Bank

Triton Credit Services

Turnbull Rutherford

Wescot Credit Services

Global Debt Management Services

Hamptons Legal

HFC Bank Ltd

Howard Cohen and Co

JB Debt Recovery

Link Financial

Lloyds TSB

Lucas Credit Services

Marks and Spencer Money


Past Due Credit Solutions

RBS Credit Card

Red Castle Recoveries

Reliable Collections


Santander Cards

SRJ Debt Recovery

Star Legal

Tesco Bank

Triton Credit Services

Turnbull Rutherford

Wescot Credit Services