Being Money Savvy: Food Edition!

15 Easy ways to save money on food and drinks

Sometimes the weekly food shop can feel like a very expensive chore and you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of money you spend each week just at the supermarket. If so, here are 15 practical ways that you can cut down the cost of food and drinks:

▪️Live out of your food cupboard for a week instead of buying new food all over again.  Check out this website for easy recipes.

▪️Check your portion sizes. You might be able to make two meals out of one just by sticking to the recommended portion amount!

▪️Buy big! For example, instead of buying pork chops, get a large pork loin or shoulder. That way, you could roast half for Sunday dinner and use the rest to make a tasty midweek casserole. Lovely jubbly!

▪️Plan your meals in advance and only buy what you need.

▪️Never go food shopping on an empty stomach! You’ll end up buying more treats and snacks that aren’t necessary (trust me, this tip is from personal experience).

▪️Keep food waste to a minimum with proper food storage. Getting a good deal at the supermarket is only half the battle, the next step is to make sure that you’re allowing the food to last as long as possible. For example, some fruits like apples can ripen (or over-ripen) their neighboring fruits in the fruit bowl. By keeping an eye on your fruits ripening time, you can move some fruits to the fridge or away from their hyper-ripening neighbors.

▪️If by chance you do have some over-ripe fruit in your bowl, don’t worry! Overripe fruits can be baked into delicious treats. Overripe bananas, for example, can make a loaf of tasty banana bread. (My personal fav is this one)

▪️Skip the pre-packaged salad mix. Although they are convenient and somewhat easier, they are more expensive than buying your veggies separately.

▪️To make your veggies last longer, wash and cut them and then make sure that they are completely dry when storing them back in the fridge. That way, they’ll stay fresher and crispier for longer.

▪️Shop later in the day. Oftentimes if you head to the supermarket after 8 pm, you’ll find more products that have been marked down in price. Bargain!

▪️Be wary of discount marketing! Seen an offer of two packets of biscuits for £1.50 when one packet is 90p? Great, you’ve saved 30p! Or not since now you’ve spent 60p more when really you didn’t want or need the extra pack. These types of discounts are sneaky ways that supermarkets try to get you to spend more whilst thinking that you’re saving money.

▪️Try the supermarket’s own brand. Supermarket branded items tend to be cheaper than their name-brand rivals and usually, there’s hardly any difference! Don’t be swayed by a shiny label or brand name!

▪️Try eating more vegetarian meals. Meat and fish are usually the most expensive items on the shopping list. Try making tasty veggie-based meals that are great for your taste buds and don’t break the bank!

▪️Make sure to freeze left-over bread. Bread is easily one of the quickest foods to go mouldy in the kitchen. Freezing portions of bread can help the loaf last longer.

▪️Cut down on non-essentials. If you regularly buy fizzy drinks, cakes, biscuits, and crisps try swapping these out for cheaper alternatives. These include items such as sparkling water instead of cola as well as fruits and plain yogurt as a snack. Not to mention, these are also healthier alternatives!

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